Thank You Rahul Gandhi


Like most of the people of my age, I was never interested in politics. Coild not care less about whether Modi wins in Gujarat or not.

But thanks to Rahul Gandhi, now I look forward to the political rallies, specially those addressed by Rahul Gandhi himself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a Congress supporter by any stretch of imagination. On the contrary, being an Assamese, I can never forgive Congress for what they have done to my state and my community.

But, my interest in Rahul Gandhi is for a completely different reason. This guy is funny. Don’t believe me, listen to any of his lectures, and then follow its reactions in Twitter. Nothing can be funnier than this.

Rahul Gandhi, projected by Congress, as the solutions to all the problems India is facing today, could not even analyze some basic data before speaking on them. Some examples would be his now famous, “70% of Punjabi youths are drug addicts” comment in Punjab recently. The actual study mentioned that 70% of the drug addicts in Punjab are youths. How can a leader, who aspire to be PM of this country can’t even differentiate between these 2 piece of data? Even a 5th grader would tell you the difference between these data.

Coming to the peoples reaction of his speech in Twitter, trust me, that is the funniest thing happening in India right now. On top of that, Rahul’s defense by people like Sanjay Jha nd GSurya make it even more interesting. But this is a totally different topic and will be covered in another blog post.


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  1. Tanvir Singh on Rahul Gandhi’s speech last day of the campaign ” He read bed time stories to masses -which bed Nehru slept and how Gandhiji slept ” in prison. LOL. Well said Tanvir

    • Totally agree. The days of story telling are over, at least in some states like Gujarat and urban areas of other states.
      People are more interested in what he has done for the nation and what his vision is, rather than where Gandhiji slept.

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