Gujarat election


I am always fascinated by Mr. Narendra Modi’s personality.

Here is a man who is fighting his political opponents, hostile media coverage, bunch of so-called social activist, numerous court cases and if media is to believe senior BJP leaders too.

So I wonder, how does he keeps on delivering continuously for 10 years despite so many obstacles? Few things came to my mind.

First and foremost, he knows who and what matters. He knows the simple fact that he is in office because of the Gujarati voters. So, what Gujarati voters think about him matters, not what people like Barkha Dutt or Teesta Setalvad think. So he delivered on his promises to his voters, so that Congress don’t get any issue in election. This strategy worked brilliantly. Its brilliance can be measured with the fact that Congress accepted it’s defeat even before the poll dates were announced by EC.

I recently read a management funda, which basically says that to be successful you should try to work on your strength than trying to improve your weak areas. Modi seems to understand this fact perfectly.

His development record, clean image are his strengths while 2002 riots continues to be his weak point. So he focused his entire energy in selling  “vibrant Gujarat” to his voters and his voters were willing to buy it. Because it’s something they can see, they can feel.Thus there was record turn around in favor of Modi in this election.

Although someone suggested that BJP should give some tickets to Muslims, sot that Modi can appear to be the messiah of secularism, but Modi did the right thing by rejecting it and giving tickets to only those candidates that are likely to win from a particular constituency.

Modi always opposed the idea that only Muslim can work for the betterment of Muslims. The same is true for any community. A true leader will work for the all communities of his state/nation. Why should someone be from your caste only to work for you?

For me, this is true secularism against the so called secularism pioneered by Congress and practiced  by almost all the political parties in India today. A party like MIM is a secular party, a leader like Mamta Banerjee, who wanted to build a hospital only for Muslims is secular, parties like AIUDF are secular even if they openly support Bangladeshi infiltration in India, but Modi is communal, because there was a riot in 2002 under his reign, although his involvement is never proved in any court of law.

His 3rd strength is his believe in himself. This believe is the secret which keeps him all charged up even in the face of all these obstacles. At this moment, he is the most discussed, observed and undoubtedly criticized political leader in India. His every moved is analysed in details and the media houses hostile to him try their best to give it a negative spin. That’s the reason, you will see a “Blow to Modi” news almost everyday in some of the news channels.

But despite all this his believe in himself and his goals keep him going. The biggest trail of a leader is his appetite to face challenges. Take up all the blows given my media in his stride and then move on.

He is doing just that.


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