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Congress Preparing for General Election


Election is coming and it’s coming very soon. At least that’s what UPA signals. It seems Congress is in a hurry to call for early election as they have realized that more they postpone the election, it’s going to give more time to Modi.

The first pointer to it comes from the hanging of Ajmal Kasab. He was languishing in the jail for years now and could have easily lived for few more decades before he dies of natural causes.  But that didn’t happen and it has nothing to do with the Govt. Kasab becomes the “Bali ka Bakra” in the great game of power played in India. The UPA wanted to prove that it’s tough on terror and hence the hanging. It’s a different matter that the actual perpetuator of 26/11, the ISI, LeT and the Pakistani Army generals are still at large and most probably planning another 26/11 at this very moment.

Has UPA done anything to stop that? No and God forbids, sooner or later, we will find it out, when they hit one of our cities again.

To top that they now hanged Afzal Guru. He was in jail for more than a decade now and UPA 1 and UPA 2 has been delaying this hanging for last 9 years on various pretexts. BJP and Narendra Modi in particular have been very vocal in demanding his hanging. They had raised this issue in various elections to expose Congress’s softness towards Jehadi terrorism.

So, to deny Modi a stick to beat it with, UPA hanged Afzal Guru, 8 years after the court pronounced him guilty. This decision has nothing to do with justice or good governance. It’s just the Modi phobia that is forcing the UPA to hang Afzal Guru.

I expect the UPA, as a next logical step to dig out more dirt on Modi. It could be some kind of corruption charges, sex scandal or may be something else all together.  It will be very difficult to accuse Modi or corruption. They have tried it directly and indirectly through AAP. It didn’t work.

There were reports of Congress hiring people to fabricate porn CD to create a sex scandal for Modi, but that plan leaked and hence dropped. So I am expecting Congress to come up with something new.

As a alternative strategy to divert public attention from UPA’s dismal performance, the UPA might also plan a Kargil type, limited war, so that the entire country stand behind UPA in its effort to drive out Pakistanis from our side. You can go through this report here for details.

When Pakistan is in control of this post for last 14 years, why suddenly this report in leaked to Congress friendly publication? It could very well be a tactic to built public pressure on the UPA for a limited war with Pakistan just before the election. This is blunt out Modi’s nationalistic vision by Indian victory over Pakistan under UPA.

It gives me a feeling (As articulated by Vijay (@centerofright)in twitter)the UPA is trying to play both the ways for 2014. On one hand it’s trying to appease Muslims by blaming BJP/RSS for spreading terror and on the other hand it’s trying to appease the majority by hanging Afzal Guru and Kasab.

In both ways we are heading into a interesting election, where Congress will try to be more pro-muslim than MIM or AIUDF and more pro-Hindu than BJP/RSS itself.

Time only will tell if they will success.


Thank You Rahul Gandhi


Like most of the people of my age, I was never interested in politics. Coild not care less about whether Modi wins in Gujarat or not.

But thanks to Rahul Gandhi, now I look forward to the political rallies, specially those addressed by Rahul Gandhi himself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a Congress supporter by any stretch of imagination. On the contrary, being an Assamese, I can never forgive Congress for what they have done to my state and my community.

But, my interest in Rahul Gandhi is for a completely different reason. This guy is funny. Don’t believe me, listen to any of his lectures, and then follow its reactions in Twitter. Nothing can be funnier than this.

Rahul Gandhi, projected by Congress, as the solutions to all the problems India is facing today, could not even analyze some basic data before speaking on them. Some examples would be his now famous, “70% of Punjabi youths are drug addicts” comment in Punjab recently. The actual study mentioned that 70% of the drug addicts in Punjab are youths. How can a leader, who aspire to be PM of this country can’t even differentiate between these 2 piece of data? Even a 5th grader would tell you the difference between these data.

Coming to the peoples reaction of his speech in Twitter, trust me, that is the funniest thing happening in India right now. On top of that, Rahul’s defense by people like Sanjay Jha nd GSurya make it even more interesting. But this is a totally different topic and will be covered in another blog post.